About Me

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My name is Philip Olayvar. I’m currently 28 years old and turning 30 very soon! I’m both excited and nervous about reaching the age of 30. Most people say, you REALLY need to have your life and priorities sorted out by age 30. This is a big deal for me for some ambiguous reason.

I’m a typical millennial. Pragmatic, spontaneous, love to travel, nomadic, adventurous and most of all, impatient. Hundred things usually happen for me in a day so I get always try to find new projects to keep me busy. I get frustrated when I can’t release my energy. I hope this blog and my plans to travel and go on crazy adventures help me maintain my sanity.

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I’ve tried the digital nomad lifestyle before but I focused more on gaining experience and climbing the digital marketing ladder rather than travelling and starting a travel blog. I regret not doing it ‘coz I had so many amazing experiences and could’ve done more. I fell in love with travelling. The feeling of reaching new places and trying new things is addictive. A lot of the things I’ll write about will probably give you a vibe that I’m a scaredy-cat. My first reaction to new things and opportunities is to be scared. Then I try it anyway and have an amazing time. I want to fall in love with travelling again.

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Sleeping in the sand next to the beach is my favourite thing ever. Inside a tent is good too especially at night. The real sound of the ocean waves is the best lullaby.

My other hobbies include MMORPGs, MOBAs and video games. This is my first love. But levelling up in the real world is the real deal. I always thinking about that when I’m old and grey, I will have so many regrets about not being able to go on adventures and try things that I can’t do anymore when I have arthritis or heart disease.

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This is it for now. This page will expand as I grow up.

Stay awesome,