About Me

My name is Philip Olayvar. I’m currently 29 years old and turning 30 soon! I’m both excited and nervous about reaching the age of 30. Most people say, you REALLY need to have your life and priorities sorted out by age 30. Twenty’s is when you to figure out how to be an adult. Thirty is when you should be an adult. No excuses. – This is a big deal for me for some ambiguous reason


I’m currently working in digital marketing. Renting in a shared flat. Exploring my new neighbourhood – East London. Still working on my savings for a mortgage. And still trying to climb the career ladder. I’m very passionate about digital marketing. It’s a very fast paced environment and I always need to catch with everything that’s new.


I’m a typical millennial. Pragmatic, spontaneous, nomadic, adventurous and most of all, impatient. Hundred things usually happen for me in a day so I get always try to find new projects to keep me busy. I get frustrated when I can’t release my energy. I hope this blog and my plans to travel and go on crazy adventures help me maintain my sanity.


I love trying out new things. I get extra motivation to try things that might not work out at all. I love to travel and get lost. I’m a control freak and needs everything to be organised. However, I also love getting distracted and forgetting about everything and just get caught in the moment. At least once in a while.


This blog is my journey to growing up. Thirty doesn’t need to be strictly age thirty. It’s the door between being a man-child and an adult. A door that I can cross back and forth. 😉


Expect lifestyle posts, reviews about stuff I try, tips on adulting and how to grow up – the right way or the whatever way.


Stay awesome,