sunset photo

A lot of the significant moments in my life are the ones I didn’t plan or expect to happen. Maybe it’s because there are no expectations to be met or they are simply awesome.

In November 2018, I had two adventures. I’ve planned one of them a few months beforehand while the other, I’ve only planned a week before.

On my unplanned trip, I saw a plane ticket on sale and jetted off without a plan or even accommodation booked. I just went with my backpack, some clothes, toiletries and a budget of PHP10,000 (roughly £150).

This amazing trip was in Davao, Philippines. Or rather, it started in Davao. I travelled to 3 different places that are miles apart that time. No specific plans or list of things to do. I just googled what I can do once I was at Davao airport.

I swam in the Enchanted River – braved swimming with a lifejacket and shared an island hopping experience with a stranger. This was when I’m still a scaredy cat and is afraid of the water. I’m scared of losing balance and tipping over. I was extremely proud of myself for jumping in the water after only 5 minutes of contemplating on whether I should just stay on the side or brave swimming towards the centre of a supposedly bottomless river.

Enchanted River is one of the popular attractions in southern Philippines. It’s called enchanted because of many myths and legends about the river. There’s an underground cave under the river (which also scared the crap out of me, no one really knows what’s under the cave because it remains unexplored). Also, the depth of the river is still unknown. The most successful exploration to find out its depth only reached up to 82 metres. There’s still a lot more to explore so if I drown, I could sink and no one can ever find my body.

Thankfully, I didn’t die. Instead, I had so much fun. I spent hours floating on the water and celebrated my bravery.

enchanted river selfie

After this trip, I travelled for almost a day to reach the other side of Mindanao. Took 4 coaches to reach Seven Falls in Lake Sebu.

biplane photo

I tried the longest zipline in Asia. It’s quite high as well and you can see all the seven falls of Lake Sebu. This isn’t my first time to go on a zip line but this is definitely the longest and highest I’ve been to. If the zip line breaks, I’ll fall in the middle of the forest on in the river. If the pulley breaks, I’ll get stuck high above the forest and metres away from the start and end point of the cable wires. But again, thankfully, I survived and had an amazing time. The view was simply breathtaking and this experience is one of the milestones of my quest to conquer my acrophobia. The end game is me skydiving!

I tried other stuff as well such as skycycle – where you pedal a bicycle while you’re up in air in a harness and a skyswing – a giant swing where you get dropped 80metres from the ground and swing up and down until inertia dies down.

This trip ended with me going on my return flight with muddy shoes and pants. I forgot to pack extra pants. I overspent by 50% but totally worth it!

boracay sunset

My planned trip to Boracay island was amazing but it fell short quite a bit. I tried to stick to my plan and budget that I skipped a few activities that could’ve been epic. But then again, I can always go back and do everything I didn’t get to do so I guess there are no regrets after all. Watching the sunrise and sunset while sitting in the sand, worrying about nothing is an awesome activity.

Stay Awesome,